InterValley HealthCare Network, (IVHN) was founded February 1st, 1994 in Brownsville, Texas. IVHN founders had become aware of the gradual encroachment of managed care into the valley of South Texas. The long standing indemnity insurance system of payment for healthcare was being replaced by HMOs and PPOs for employees with health options. In addition, Medicare and Medicaid members would soon be steered to managed care products. It was clear that healthcare providers would have to find a vehicle to accommodate to the changing market demands

IVHN is a physician owned and managed independent physician association (IPA) representing over 90 physicians with practices located in Cameron and Willacy Counties. Its members have hospital privileges at four hospitals located in the two counties, Valley Baptist Medical Center, Brownsville, Valley Regional Medical Center, Harlingen Medical Center, and Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen. IVHN seeks to become an organization of quality and cost effective providers able to work with and meet the needs of it numerous payer clients.

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